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BA says it can’t find voucher it issued after flight cancellation

Can you please help with a problem I have with British Airways that is proving impossible to resolve? During the height of the Covid crisis, we were due to take two flights with the airline, one to Iceland and the other to New Orleans. Both trips had to be cancelled as, at the time, both countries were refusing entry to tourists. Like thousands of other travellers, we accepted two sets of replacement e-vouchers to the value of £408 and £938.

All my attempts to use them to book a flight have failed because BA says it can’t find the second voucher on its system. I have spent a considerable amount of time phoning and emailing BA, and have sent evidence that the e-voucher was allocated but I’m getting nowhere.

This is somewhat pressing because the vouchers have to be used by the end of September this year or they become worthless. Can you help?

RU, London

This letter is a reminder to anyone who accepted vouchers from BA during the pandemic that they need to get their skates on and use their vouchers before the deadline* – or, better still, apply for a refund.

BA says passengers who were due to travel between 9 March and 19 November 2020 can now get a cash refund online for the voucher they hold. Many holders may not be aware of this.

That said, I took up your case with BA, and after what felt like a very protracted back and forth, the company has finally refunded you in full for all your missed flights – a cash refund of £1,346.

* Since we wrote this piece, BA has announced that passengers now have until September 2024 to redeem their vouchers after the airline extended their validity.

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