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Gender related trends among Israeli ophthalmologists professional career and personal life performance – Eye


Gender-diversity trends in ophthalmology in Israel have not been studied despite a high proportion of female ophthalmologists. Our purpose was to evaluate gender-related trends in ophthalmology professional career and personal life performance in early and advanced careers in Israel.


A survey based on a nationwide voluntary anonymous web questionnaire was distributed to the members of the Israeli Ophthalmological Society. The questionnaire included questions referring to professional career and personal life performance. Gender differences were analyzed.


Out of 252 respondents, 116 (46%) were women, with a mean age of 47.97 + −11.3 and 53.18 + −12.4 (P = 0.01) years, respectively. Marital status, post-residency fellowship performance or duration, an additional academic degree, academic appointments, and managerial positions were similar between genders. Fellowship predominance of males was found in cornea/cataract/refractive and of females in strabismus, pediatric ophthalmology, and neuro-ophthalmology (P < 0.01, P = 0.032, respectively). Men had significantly more publications and appointments in peer review journals and work hours (P = 0.04 and P = 0.02, P = 0.027, respectively). Both genders responded similarly regarding work satisfaction, combination between family life and work. More women felt inequity during and post-residency in clinical (P = 0.011, P = 0.001, respectively) and surgical work (P = 0.001, P = 0.035, respectively). More women experienced inappropriate remarks from patients and sexual harassment (P = 0.001, P < 0.001, respectively), and supported the need for affirmative action (P < 0.0001).


Several gender disparities were found among ophthalmologists in Israel, including subspecialties distributions, publications, appointments in peer review journals, working hours, work inequity sense, harassment events, and support the need for affirmative action.

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