Friday, June 2, 2023

Sign Up for Well’s 5-Week Walking Series

I’m an enthusiastic walker. I stroll to straighten up my back when I’ve been hunched over a computer for too long. If I get some good news, I take a few laps around my neighborhood to savor it. I walk with my teen to prompt her to open up to me. And it’s probably no surprise that many of us at Well conduct meetings while on foot. So we’re dedicating the entire month of June to exploring the joy of walking — and I hope you’ll come along with us.

A walk in the sunshine combines the best elements of the season: nature, fresh air, movement and freedom. It’s low-impact. It’s convenient. It can be done in the city or the country. And, for an activity that’s so casual, the physical and mental benefits are tremendous — better sleep, reducing joint pain and lowering anxiety.

Research shows that you don’t have to do an epic trek to reap the rewards. A 2023 study of adults 70 and older in the journal Circulation found that walking an additional 500 steps a day was associated with a 14 percent lower risk of heart disease, stroke and heart failure.

But, if you need a little more motivation, the Well Newsletter will include walking inspiration this June.

You can join the program no matter what your fitness level is. Each week, we’ll send you creative ideas to get you out the door. Every newsletter will have a specific theme with an activity to try and advice from experts, some of whom work here at The Times.

One walk is designed to inspire awe as you roam, while another will include conversational prompts to help strengthen your connection if you’re walking with someone else. There will also be a fitness-based walk to optimize your movement, and a micro-adventure themed walk. (On the fifth week, a well-known, and highly entertaining, walking fanatic will be joining me to wrap things up.)

First, make sure you are signed up for the Well newsletter. If you already are, you won’t see anything new to do on this page. If you haven’t received our newsletter before, you can use the module below to subscribe — and you will receive our walking program, starting on June 1.

Then, head over to Wirecutter, The Times’s product review site, where our colleagues have put together a list of their favorite walking gear for you.

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