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A Little Bit Of Snapback Goes A Long Way: If We Love Our Bodies, They Will Love Us Back

We live in a world fixated on the phrase “healthy body, healthy mind,” and although this is great, what if it was the other way around? We all know that we are what we eat, but do people really know enough about the mind-body connection? Awareness is everything, and society has always been aware of humanity’s minds and bodies being codependent, but in more recent years, the focus has shifted toward mental health. Although this is fantastic, statistically, it is extremely difficult to feel good on the inside when we don’t consume the right items on the outside.

Ninety-five percent of one’s serotonin, or the feel-good neurotransmitter, is released in the gastrointestinal tract (gut), and everything that goes into the gut has to be broken down by the powerhouse of our internal anatomy, the liver. The liver is the CEO of the body when it comes to removing toxins and performs over 500 jobs to keep our bodies safe. A compromised liver can impair serotonin metabolism, potentially contributing to mood disorders. A study published in Psychopharmacology in 2019 found that liver dysfunction was associated with reduced serotonin availability, highlighting the importance of a healthy liver in maintaining emotional well-being.

As an integral part of the digestive system, the liver must process everything the stomach and intestines digest and absorb. One of its main functions for nutrition is to produce bile, a chemical that converts fat into fuel for the body. Even eating a cheeseburger or drinking a milkshake would make a person very sick without the liver.

Cue SnapBack Energy, a health supplement that helps raise energy levels, cure hangovers, increase liver health and much more. Scientifically sourced with the finest organic products, it is the brainchild of veterans who decided to serve in other ways when they left the forces; fate and duty have now called on them to help people defend their livers.

Unlike caffeine and energy drinks, Snapback has no negative aftereffects. It complements the liver with antioxidants, amino acids and toxin-fighting natural remedies to break down the effects of alcohol consumption and mitigates migraines and nausea.

As a team and family who understand the importance of an active lifestyle, the team at Snapback has developed a two-step powder mix for those who need a little energy boost from time to time.

Snapback Energy

“We understand more than anyone that life can get in the way, and keeping on top of everything can feel like an uphill battle. We get it. I get it. Sometimes we need a little natural kick to help us have a healthy mind. We need to start on the inside if we want to feel good on the outside. If we give a plant the wrong nutrients, it won’t grow, or might even die, so why would we be any different? We are all human, but it’s all about balance. We need to respect our bodies so they can respect us back. Snapback is so much more than just electrolytes; it’s a little helping hand for life,” said Tessa Arnold, co-founder and COO of Snapback Energy.

 Tessa Arnold, co-founder and COO of  Snapback
Tessa Arnold, co-founder and COO of Snapback Energy

The liver is a remarkable organ for its overall contributions to our health and its massive underappreciation from the general public. Other than specialist doctors like hepatologists and gastroenterologists, even most health care providers don’t realize the hundreds of life-enabling functions the liver performs daily.

Liver disease is currently responsible for 17 deaths per 100,000 people in the U.S., making it the country’s ninth-highest cause of death. Still, if we consider the knock-on effects and multi-faceted aspects of the liver, this number is most likely significantly higher.

People’s cognitive health is directly connected to their mental health. Therefore, the liver plays a part in how people think, act, feel, learn, listen and much more. When liver function is disrupted, so is everything else. Toxins build up in the blood and can travel to the brain, which affects brain function. Liver disease patients are three times more likely to have depression, with non-cirrhotic patients having a 7.61% prevalence for depression, and for liver cirrhosis patients, this number jumps to 23.93%. The liver does so much more than digest alcohol, drugs and toxins; it complements the whole body. The possibilities for the liver are almost endless, so we should aim to give it as much help as possible.

Snapback provides the helping hand the liver needs to ease the tension put on it throughout life. It actively promotes liver health by helping reduce the effect of toxins and inflammation and allows people to balance work and play without sacrificing the next day. Have healthier hangovers, replenish vitamins and electrolytes and help your gut and mind. Snapback really is that simple.

“Nowadays, we are fixated with instant gratification, and we wanted help yesterday, so most people won’t be interested in drawn out ‘this will make your life better fads.’ Snapback isn’t a three or four-month turnaround. Try it for a few days or a week and see what happens. No one is saying it will change your life, but it could help your life change. We want to take a little bit of weight off the livers’ shoulders, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with Snapback. If we don’t look after our inside, all the money in the world won’t genuinely fix our outside. Look after your liver, and it will look after you,” concluded Arnold.

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