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Achieve Precision Medicine Through AI and Analytics Solutions – MedCity News

MedCity News Katie Adams: Hello and welcome to the Vibe at ViVE. I’m Katie Adams, a reporter with MedCity News and I’m here with Cory Wiegert, the COO of Integra Connect, a company focused on bringing specialty care specific data analytics and AI to the market for value-based precision medicine. I was hoping you could explain how integra’s products work and why data analytics are crucial to success under these value-based care models?

Cory Wiegert: Well Katie value-based care models are very very different than fee for service. It’s really about the total cost of care and managing a population under a very specific cost setting. We help practices by taking their data, streamlining it, standardizing it, formatting it in a way that makes it usable and readable in a near real-time way. We lay overlay analytics that give them tools to help them make decisions in these new alternative payment models to maximize their cost savings, maximize their shared savings and make sure that they’re continually providing the highest levels of care under these new alternative payment models.

MedCity News: Okay so at ViVE I know that you announced the launch of a new purpose-built platform, data and insights platform. Explain how the platform goes beyond the “one size fits all” approach to data curation.

Cory Wiegert: Yeah ACATA, the acumen of data. The platform itself has been in use for seven years. We’re just coming out publicly now and selling it as a standalone application to provide a service to healthcare providers. What we mean by purpose built is that it is purpose built for specialty care and focusing on alternative payment models, the APMs, under a value-based care setting. We’ve taken all the intelligence that we’ve learned by dealing with claims, clinical, pharmacy, and cost data and wrap those engines and that logic into the platform so as we engage with providers and wire into their data network we shape that data automatically for them and serve it back to them in a way that they can then run either our analytics, their own analytics or their own analytic tools built on top of that platform.

MedCity News: I want to get your take on one last thing: there’s so much Market uncertainty, there’s SVB’s collapse, there’re super high interest rates, as a healthcare executive, how are you reacting to all this information and how are you handling it?

Cory Wiegert: Such a good question, we’re managing it on sound business models. We’re looking to the future and saying where is the market really going and I think you know monitoring what’s worked in the past what the trends are from the past to now and projecting forward what’s going to happen and engaging our strategic partners in a way that’s productive for them, productive for us and making sure that the operation is sound, the financials are sound and we’re here to be with our customers as they grow and weather the storm as well.

MedCity News: Thank you so much Cory. I hope you enjoy the rest of the conference.

Cory Wiegert: Thank you.

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