Saturday, September 23, 2023

Explosive Hazard Identification in Pharmaceutical Process Development

London, UK: Scitegrity, a leading company in chemical regulatory compliance, is excited to announce the expanded release of its Dangerous Goods Assessor for Pharmaceutical Process Development and safety teams.

This innovative web-based system has the capability to predict whether a chemical is likely to be energetic, self-reactive, or explosive during synthesis and scale-up processes.

As pharmaceutical process development often involves scaling up chemicals from milligram to gram levels, there is a significant need to assess the risks associated with explosion, self-reactivity, and energetic properties. Dangerous Goods Assessor addresses this challenge by providing a simple and efficient tool for process safety labs to screen for potential hazards, even when limited or no material is available for testing.

Scitegrity CEO, Joe Bradley, expressed his excitement about working closely with process safety experts and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSAs) from major pharmaceutical companies to develop this tool. Having incorporated best practices and industry learnings, Scitegrity is now proud to introduce DG Assessor to the wider industry.

About Scitegrity

Since its establishment in 2011, Scitegrity has been committed to enhancing compliance with chemical regulations through robust, accurate, and automated solutions. Today, their solutions are trusted by over half of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies, as well as chemical suppliers, CROs, and regulators.

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