Friday, June 2, 2023

INMO nurses suspend industrial action after agreement reached with UHL

The agreement will see a minimum of sixteen nurses for each shift, the promotion of a healthy work-life balance, the recruitment additional ICU nurses, and an opportunity for ICU nurses to vote on the agreement

The INMO and University Hospital Limerick (UHL) have reached an agreement that has resulted in the suspension of planned industrial action in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

INMO Assistant Director of Relations Mary Fogarty

The agreement was reached through discussions facilitated by the Workplace Relations Commission.

The main objective of the temporary agreement is to address the critical shortage of staff in the ICU, which has been negatively affecting both patient care and staff safety.

To tackle this issue, several specific measures will be put into place.

One notable measure is the commitment to have a minimum of sixteen nurses on duty for both day and night shifts in the twelve-bed ward. This ensures that staffing levels are adequate to handle the hugely demanding workload and provide high-quality care to critically ill patients.

Additionally, the agreement grants ICU nurses the flexibility to take their annual leave as needed, promoting a healthier work-life balance, which the INMO says they currently lack.

Furthermore, the INMO has received assurances that more ICU nurses will be recruited and stationed on-site during the months of June and July, in the hope of alleviating the strain caused by the persistent understaffing.

Mary Fogarty, Assistant Director of Relations at the INMO, emphasised the importance of ensuring safe staffing levels in the ICU. She also highlighted the immense pressure faced by healthcare professionals as they strive to provide excellent care to seriously ill patients.

ICU nurses are expected to vote on the agreement soon.

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