Wednesday, June 7, 2023

INTEGRA Biosciences’ new eBook: all you need to know about ELISAs

INTEGRA Biosciences is pleased to announce the release of a new eBook providing a complete guide to ELISAs. This resource is relevant for users at all levels of expertise and experience, regardless of their specific application, and is completely free to download. The eBook contains plenty of in-depth educational articles, relevant app notes and user testimonials that will help readers understand all the details behind how ELISAs work. It covers key subjects such as:

  • The different types of ELISAs
  • ELISAs vs. western blots
  • INTEGRA’s solutions for ELISA workflows
  • Helpful application notes
  • Customer stories

This comprehensive eBook will be a useful tool for anyone wishing to become an ELISA expert, and will help labs of all shapes and sizes to perform their assays successfully every time. Get your free copy of the eBook here.

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