Friday, December 1, 2023

Kitty Mary Watt

bmj;383/nov21_8/p2748/FAF1faKitty Mary Watt trained in orthopaedic nursing and physiotherapy. She worked until she married Alan and took a family career break. She then applied to study medicine, starting with A levels, which she achieved in one year. Partnership in Marple, Stockport, followed, where she worked full time until she first retired in 2000. She subsequently took an associate GP position on Islay, covering 13 weeks each year until 2011. Kitty and Alan loved their time with the wonderful Islay community. A talented artist, Kitty finally found time for her passion, spending free time with the Islay Quilters, exhibiting nationally and internationally. She was always active and busy, despite arthritis and cold agglutinin disease, until the dementia took its toll. She leaves Alan, two sons, and one grandson.

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