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World Family Doctor Day celebrates role of family doctors globally

Marking World Family Doctor Day this May 19, the ICGP praised medical professionals around the globe, and acknowledged the significant challenges resulting from a shortage of General Practitioners

World Family Doctor Day is held every year on May 19 in tribute to the contributions of family doctors in providing healthcare to patients globally.

Marking this year’s World Family Doctor Day, the ICGP has expressed solidarity with the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) and medical professionals worldwide, stating its appreciation of the critical role played by family doctors in healthcare.

Dr Eamonn Shanahan, President of the ICGP, and a GP in Farranfore, Kerry, said that GPs are the ‘backbone’ of the health service.

Dr Eamonn Shanahan, ICGP President

“Every day, GPs and Practice Teams deliver a vast range of services to their patients, in communities both urban and rural,” he said. “Despite the workforce pressures, and the growing shortage of GPs, we work in daytime and out-of-hours to help patients in a cradle-to-grave service.”

He added, “General Practice is at the heart of healthcare in Ireland and worldwide, as we saw during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

To highlight the impact of General Practice in Ireland, the ICGP has released statistics that demonstrate the integral role played by GPs in administering healthcare.

In 2022 alone, Ireland’s 4,257 GPs conducted an astounding 28 million consultations. Meanwhile, Out-of-Hours services accounted for 1.05 million consultations.

Additionally, an estimated 3.6 million people sought medical attention from their GPs in 2022. Practice Teams conducted 400,000 reviews within the Chronic Disease Management program.

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